Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Viva la France

My tickets are purchased and the apartment is to France I go.

Yes, my friends, I am going to Paris on April 19the and will be doing lots and lots of shopping for trinkets and tresures to bring home.  Not only will I be shopping for me personally but also for my shop.

Let's see now, what could I possibly do with all these items once they are here with me?  Have a brocante, of course.  A little flea market sale at the shop for all my friends and customers who follow my blog and Facebook page.

So keep visiting them both for updates, etc. as to when the brocante will happen.

Also, the Uber Chic container sale is on May 24 and 25.  We have not settled on the time of this sale but that, too will be posted here and on Fabcebook.