Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Had A Sneek Peek Of Spring....

I guess we got alittle spoiled with the nice weather we had for a couple of days.  It really got me thinking about Spring and all that comes with it.  My son and sister both have their birthdays on March 20.  This is a constant reminder to me that good things are just down the path and that I shouldn't get too discouraged when the weather throws us a grey day like today.
There are lots of great things happening at my shop, too.  First Sunday Vintage Flea Markets begin of May 5.  Each month there will be a sale in my parking lot with up to 20 hand picked dealers of vintage merchandise.  The hours are 10 to 3 and I am hoping that everyone come out to support this endeavor as I am trying to bring alittle excitement to Vancouver.  Stay tuned here for all updates on who is going to be participating in these markets, as well as, the Uber Chic container sale happening in May on the 24the and 25th.